Food menü

Cocomo awaits You with a refreshing breakfast that empowers You for the whole day, or a late night cocktail, all in a welcoming, modern environment.


English Breakfast
3600 Ft
Fried Eggs
2200 Ft

From 3 free-range eggs

Fried Eggs with Ham or Bacon
2500 Ft

From 3 free-range eggs, with ham or bacon

Scrambled Eggs
2200 Ft

From 3 free-range eggs sided with fresh vegetables

Ham & Eggs
2500 Ft
Bacon & Eggs
2500 Ft
Home-made Wiener
1800 Ft

A pair of Wieners with sauces

Cocoa / cinnamon snail
1200 Ft
Hungarian Style Ratatouille
2500 Ft


French Tartar
4200 Ft

tartare, quail eggs, fresh homemade baked goods, marinated radishes, red onion, homemade butter

Dippers with Three Kinds of Sauces – The Real Tapas Plate by Cocomo
4000 Ft

Eggplant, avocado and tuna dipping sauces, strips of carrot and celery, cucumber, pepper, sourdough bread

Hungarian Plate
4900 Ft

Home-made ham, home-made sausage, pork cracklings, cheese, stringy horseradish, Liptauer, sourdough bread

Goose liver terrine
5200 Ft
Cheese Plate
3500 Ft

A selection of cheeses, roasted walnuts, olives, pistachio, sourdough bread


Cream soup
2000 Ft
Forest fruit cream soup with ice cream
2000 Ft

Main courses

Chicken Quesadilla
3600 Ft

With salsa cheddar ranchera sauce

Cocomo Burger
3600 Ft

A 100% Beef patty with crunchy veggies drizzled with Cocomo sauce in a giant bun, and fries

Gyros Plate
3600 Ft

Made from chicken, with fresh salad and fries

Children's menu
3000 Ft

fried chicken, French fries

Mushroom taglet with tenderloin
4200 Ft
Pulled pork sandwich
3300 Ft


Cottage cheese balls
2200 Ft
Golden dumpling
2500 Ft